To Encourage Research And Publication

One or more certificates may be awarded each year for published work presenting sound original research in well written form. To be eligible a piece of work, of any length, must appear in a journal, newsletter or similar publication produced by a local voluntary body, which is sent to the Reviews Editor for review or listing. All relevant material sent to the Reviews Editor is automatically considered. Authors and Editors are encouraged to send work to:

Dr Sarah Rose
Department of History
Bowland College
Lancaster University

To Support Society Newsletters

One annual award will be made for a newsletter used by a local society to correspond with members and other interested readers. The contents and clarity of communication are the key factors rather than style or method of production. All newsletters sent regularly to the Reviews Editor (address above) for listing will be considered.

To Recognise Personal Achievement

Local historians who have made significant voluntary contributions to the subject in their own areas are publicly honored by the BALH awards for personal achievement. The purpose of these awards is to identify and publicise good practice in whatever form it appears. Candidates may be nominated by anyone who feels they recognise such a contribution (by 1 January for that year's scheme).

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The Awards Certificates are presented annually on Local History Day. A profile of each award winner will be published in Local History News during the following year, to disseminate the good practice that has been recognised.

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