Code of Conduct


As a registered charity BALH is required by the Charity Commission to ensure its governance arrangements are in accordance with its stated objectives and that its policies are clear and effective. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to set out the behaviour expected of those involved in any capacity with BALH.  These include trustees, committee members, contracted service providers and those involved on behalf of BALH in any business within BALH and in relationships with other partners or organisations.

Standard expectation

The Code sets out certain basic principles intended to help BALH members maintain high standards of ethical conduct.   It is expected that all those involved with BALH accept these standards in relation to their responsibilities to the Association.

The Code of Conduct of the British Association for Local History :

It is essential that those involved in BALH activities

  • seek to promote the objects of the Association as set out in its Constitution.
  • engage in NO action which is contrary to those objects.
  • facilitate the work of the Association in ways which maintain and enhances its reputation.
  • act in accordance with accepted principles and practices for a registered charity
  • perform their duties and functions in accordance with the Association’s policies and procedures especially with regard to fairness, justice and integrity.

Those involved in BALH activities should

  • be able to justify and show evidence of their actions, especially with regard to financial arrangements and benefits.
  • comply with, Data Protection  Regulations and  other relevant legislation.
  • derive NO advantage for themselves or others through their BALH involvement including no financial benefit or otherwise to the detriment of colleagues or partners.
  • refrain from activities or behaviour  which might prejudice their integrity, objectivity and impartiality.
  • Cause no injury or insult to others through their involvement in BALH activity.
  • avoid activities that create or give the appearance of a conflict of interest.
  • prevent their private interests affecting their performance of BALH roles.
  • work co-operatively with all colleagues and partners involved in BALH activity.
  • avoid conflict and avoid misinformation.
  • resolve difficulties by adherence to relevant policies and procedures.
  • co-operate with others on the basis of mutual respect and understanding.

Non-adherence to this Code:

Where there is evidence of behaviours contrary to the Code, such cases will be investigated and procedures adopted which could range from reminders and training to exclusion from BALH activities.

Adopted:6 August 2016

Review: August 2019 or as necessary