Nomination Form for Personal Achievement Award

No specific guidelines are laid down, and any kind of personal achievement undertaken by those who are not professionally engaged in the subject will be considered by our Awards Panel.

The practice of local history is diverse, and the purpose of this scheme is to identify and publicise good practice by volunteers in whatever form it appears.

Nominations must be made by completing this form and sending it to the Award Secretary (address below) by 1 January. Each year the winners will be invited to receive their certificates at Local History Day.

Nomination Form

    A. Person Nominated

    B. Short Citation

    In no more than twenty words, please say why you think this nominee should receive an award:

    C. Extended Citation

    Please provide, a longer piece of no more than two hundred words about the nominee; this will be used during the selection process: both citations may be published to promote good practice in local history.

    D. Nomination Made By

    E. References

    Please give the names, addresses, telephone number and email addresses of two referees who may be contacted to provide supporting statements.

    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

    Or alternatively, please print this form and post it back to us (our postal address is on the contact page).