Local History and the First World War

This section is dedicated to the local history of the First World War.

You will find news, information, ideas for research, projects and publication, guidance  and downloads including:

  • An introduction to themes in the local history of the First World War and to BALH's related activities (see article to download at the foot of this page)
  • A series of sixteen downloadable short guides to topics for local research from schools to military service records, to war resisters to soldiers’ letters and farming in wartime, with new titles added regularly
  • Conference reports and news, including Strangers, Differences and Localities (BALH and the Institute for Commonwealth Studies) and BALH lecture Family, Community and Remembrance, given at the inaugural conference of the Society for One-Place Studies, October 2014
  • List of useful online links
  • rolling listing of recent publications of First World War local studies. (To suggest a publication for inclusion please send details, including how copies may be obtained, contact us with the message title FWW publication).

During 2014-18, and beyond, we will develop this section to support and promote the central contribution that local studies make to a fuller and wider understanding of the First World War and its significance.



Local History and the First World War, Kate Tiller, (updated version of an article first published in Past and Future, Spring/Summer 2014, and reproduced by kind permission of the Institute of Historical Research, University of London).