Local History and the First World War: research guides

Remembrance and Community: War Memorials and Local History

http://www.balh.org.uk/publications/local-history-news/local-history-news-number-117-summer-2015# A guide to researching local memorials and their significance. Kate Tiller, 2013

Themed articles relating to the First World War from Local History News

Local History News publishes an on-going series of themed articles relating to the First World War. These examine key topics and questions; and consider sources and methods. The articles, each written by an expert in the field, are aimed at both the general reader and those interested in research.

Memorials of War (Gill Draper), LHN 103, spring 2012

Community Responses to the Outbreak of War, August 1914  (Catriona Pennell), LHN 104, summer 2012

The Agricultural Community at War, 1914–1918 (Bonnie White), LHN 105, autumn 2012

Soldiers' Letters and the First World War (Rachel Duffett), LHN 106, winter 2012/13

Women and Work in the First World War (Deborah Thom), LHN 107, spring 2013

Schools in the First World War (Tim Lomas), LHN 108, summer 2013

The Railwaymen Who Went to War: Stories Held at the National Railway Museum (Alison Kay), LHN 109, autumn 2013

Service and Sources: Compiling Local Narratives of WW1 Military History (Richard S. Grayson), LHN 110, winter 2013/14

War Resisters in Britain during the First World War: an Opportunity for New Research (Cyril Pearce), LHN 111, spring 2014

The Country House, Estate and Community during the Great War, (Allen Warren), LHN 112, summer 2014

London in the First World War (Jerry White), LHN 113, autumn 2014

Researching an Exhibition (Esther Graham and Robin McDermott), LHN 114, winter 2014/15

Children and the First World War (Rosie Kennedy), LHN 115, spring 2015

Mapping local responses to food shortages in World War I (Karen Hunt), LHN 116, summer 2015

Not Least in the Crusade: Medical Caregiving in First World War Britain (Jessica Meyer), LHN 117, autumn 2015

The Impacts of the First World War on Women's Lives (Alison S Fell), LHN 118, winter 2015/16

Belgian Refugees in the First World War (Rebecca Gill), LHN 119, spring 2016

‘Beyond the trenches’: Teaching the First World War at Secondary School (Helen Snelson), LHN 120, summer 2016

Boy Scouts and World War I in Britain (Allen Warren), LHN 121, autumn 2016

Engaging community and primary school audiences (Lucy Harris), LHN 122, winter 2017

Keeping the War Moving: researching WW1 transport and logistics (Christopher Phillips) LHN 123 spring 2017

The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919: a possible local research project (David Killingray), LHN 124 summer 2017

Mapping  the national impact of the Jutland Battle: civic and community responses during the First World War project: a partnership project by Melanie Bassett and Brad Beaven, LHN 125, autumn 2017

WWI Conscription, Conscience and Courage in Herefordshire: (Elinor Kelly), LHN 126, winter 2018

Welcome to Doncaster: a century of supporting refugees in South Yorkshire: (Jude Holland), LHN 127, spring 2018

Impact: First World War Legacies: (Hannah Rogers), LHN 128, summer 2018

The Trouble with Centenaries: (Sarah Lloyd), LHN 130, winter 2019