How to use pauper letters

Event date: 8th February 2019

Event Location: The National Archives Bessant Drive Richmond TW9 4DU

In this workshop, Dr Paul Carter (The National Archives) will work his way through letters and petitions from the poor during the 19th century which are held at The National Archives.

Paul will demonstrate why these letters were created, how they are arranged within the collection and most importantly, how to use them for your own research benefits. 

In Their Own Write is a three-year, AHRC-funded project, running from 2018 to 2021, which uses letters from paupers and other poor people, and associated manuscript material such as petitions, sworn statements and advocate letters (those written on behalf of paupers) to investigate the lives of the poor between 1834 and 1900.

It is run jointly by The National Archives at Kew and the Department of History at the University of Leicester.

Paul’s book Pauper Prisons...Pauper Palaces.... is now available to buy in our online shop:

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