Sir John Fogge and Lady Alice Haute: the culture of memory, music and books at Ashford, 1463-1512

Event date: 5th February 2019

Type of Event: Locality and Region Seminar

Event Location: Room 304 on the 3rd floor of the IHR, Senate House, Malet St, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7HU

Speaker : Dr Gill Draper, Associate Lecturer, University of Kent, Visiting Research Fellow, Canterbury Christ Church University

The second wife of Sir John Fogge (c.1417-1490) of Ashford, Kent, was Alice Haute, first cousin of Queen Elizabeth. Recent research has opened up not only Fogge’s founding of Ashford college in 1464 as a chantry for the war dead who were among his friends and associates, but also his re-building of Ashford church so as to include a family mausoleum and chapel. The chantry priests were accommodated in the college building which still partly survives and is adjacent to the church in the surrounding rectangular close known as The Churchyard. The existence of the choir and the surrounding close gives Ashford the air of an important urban church, perhaps even a small cathedral. This paper briefly reviews these developments and goes on to consider music-making and the Fogges’ literate culture of remembrance from testamentary provisions.


The LOCALITY AND REGION seminar welcomes all those who are interested in the relationship between local and national history and who wish to share ideas, viewpoints and work in progress. It seeks to make an original contribution to local and regional history by drawing upon the long-established national resources of the VCH and co-operating with participants from universities, record offices, local history societies and heritage organisations, as well as with those engaged in independent research.

Convenors: Dr Adam Chapman (VCH, IHR), Matthew Bristow (VCH, IHR), Dr Christopher Currie (IHR), Dr Gill Draper (University of Kent), Dr Alan Thacker (IHR)

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