The Voices of the People in Early Modern England

Event date: 2nd February 2019

Type of Event: Local history event

Event Location: The National Archives Bessant Drive Richmond TW9 4DU

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Durham University in collaboration with The National Archives

Saturday 2 February 2019, 12:30 – 17:00, The National Archives

Can historians access the voices of the ‘lower and middling’ people of Tudor and Stuart England? This conference presents a range of expert perspectives exploring records of litigation, complaint, petition and sedition, with an opportunity to handle and explore original documents from the early modern law courts.

12:30: Registration
12:45: Welcome and Opening, Dr Sean Cunningham, Head of Medieval Records, The National Archives
13.00: Dr Amanda Bevan, Head of Legal Records, The National Archives
Voices silenced: hearing litigants anew
13:40: Adam Fox, Professor of Social History, University of Edinburgh
Voices raised in song: Libellous rhymes in early modern England
14:20: Written Voices: A document workshop with records specialists from The National Archives
15:00: Andrew Hopper, Professor of English Local History, University of Leicester
Voices of suffering: maimed soldiers, war widows and the human costs of the British Civil Wars
15:40 Andy Wood, Professor of Social History, University of Durham
Rebel voices: seditious words in England, 1500-1640 
16:20 Wider Discussion and Q&A
17:00 Conference Close

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