Community-owned objects in need of repair?

Posted on 1st February 2019 by Paul Carter

The BBC Two series ‘The Repair Shop’ are looking for community-owned objects to repair. The programme, follows a team of some of Britain’s most passionate and skilled craftspeople as they work fixing, repairing and breathing new life into objects brought in by members of the public.

Ricochet, the production company behind the series, are looking to feature items of local and historical significance and are seeking community-owned objects that are damaged or have fallen into disrepair.

On previous series they have repaired a historical clock for a village in Gloucestershire, a community sculpture in Wiltshire, a welcome sign on a village green in Dorset, a weather vane for a church in Gosport and a WW1 memorial board for a parish council in Northamptonshire. They are particularly interested in plaques, statues, paintings, iron work, clocks, sun dials, gargoyles, carvings, and signs. The only caveat is that objects will need to be brought to the workshop in Chichester, so need to be suitable for transport.

For further details, contact Joanna Cowie at Ricochet. Tel: 01273 224800 / email: