Internet Sites For Local Historians : A Directory (4th Edition)

Author: Compiled by Jacquelene Fillmore and edited by Alan G. Crosby

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Readers of our very popular Internet Sites for Local Historians: A Directory will be delighted to learn that a fourth edition was launched at Local History Day 2017.

Now available for sale here, the new edition of the annotated list of internet sites for local historians includes 797 entries, of which 110 are newly-added to this Directory.  As usual, all the websites have been carefully checked for viability, with addresses updated and corrections made to descriptions of content, for ease of access.  The introduction, which gives guidelines on how to evaluate a website for authenticity, now includes a new section on how to evaluate databases.

The Internet Sites Directory is a useful tool for two reasons: by using the indices for ‘Subjects’ and ‘Places and People’, searching can be done for specific criteria, but the annotated list is also a very valuable tool for browsing the internet, i.e. jumping from a website to others of interest, by using the Directory as a starting point for research. And the Directory is a reminder of the quite amazing range and variety of online resources now available to any researcher. Most of the websites listed have free access.

This is a very useful practical guide for experienced researchers as well as those new to historical research, and it includes websites for both family and local historians researching history in the British Isles.  Most of the sites are British or Irish although occasional ones from further afield are listed if it’s felt that the information they provide is pertinent.